Personal Fitness Merit Badge Workshop

Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts & Venture Scouts (who qualify)

  • Complete sections 2-7 of the Personal Fitness Merit Badge workbook
  • Complete the initial fitness assessment (1-mile run, sit & reach, and 60-second push-up test)
  • Design a 12-week personal workout program
  • End with games of Human Foosball for a fun workout & team building activity!

In order to complete the badge, participants will need to schedule a re-assessment after a minimum of 12-weeks and complete sections 1,8 and 9.  A counselor may sign off on the badge work pending fitness improvements are demonstrated.  Re-assessments are offered through G.A.H.F. (but not required to be completed through G.A.H.F.). *Dress for inside and outside, wear tennis shoes, bring a water bottle and a snack.  

This workshop can be scheduled on Saturdays from 9am-1pm in the months of March, April May, Sept, & October.  The cost is $400 for 8-16 participants. Contact Sherri for more information or to schedule at 314-882-6191 /  Please note that set dates which allow Scouts to register as an individual is not currently being offered.

Group re-assessments can be scheduled for $80 (8-16 participants) no less than 12-weeks after the workshop.  Please note that re-assessments do not have to be conducted through us.  


The re-assessment is required to complete the badge and can be  scheduled no less than 12 weeks after the initial assessment.  We offer re-assessments to Scouts that have completed the workshop with us.  However, Scouts that completed the workshop with us are not required to re-assess with us.  *Dress for inside and outside, wear tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle.

  • Come prepared with sections 1, 8 and 9 of the workbook completed 
  • Complete the 1-mile run, sit & reach, and 60-second push-up test
  • Demonstrate an understanding of personal fitness & show physical improvements on the assessment
  • Regardless of what the boys hand writing looks like, we highly encourage parents to resist the urge to write for them.


Sit and reach test photo.jpg