Personal Fitness Merit Badge Workshop

Saturdays 9am-1pm

Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts & Venture Scouts (who qualify) will:

  • Complete sections 2-7 of the Personal Fitness Merit Badge workbook

  • Complete the initial fitness assessment (1-mile run, sit & reach, and 60-second push-up test)

  • Design a 12-week personal workout program

  • End with games of Human Foosball for a fun workout & team building activity!

In order to complete the badge, participants will need to schedule a re-assessment after a minimum of 12-weeks and complete sections 1,8 and 9 (research project).  The participants base their 12-week workout (and future goals) on the results of the assessment that day, in conjunction with the resources available to that individual at home. Previously completed assessments and work out logs will not be signed off by G.A.H.F. A counselor may sign off on the badge work pending fitness improvements, and an understanding of personal fitness, are demonstrated no less than 12-weeks after the assessment.  Re-assessments are offered through G.A.H.F., (register below), but not required to be completed through G.A.H.F. Dress for inside and outside weather, wear tennis shoes, bring a water bottle and a snack.  *Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to get checked in a settled, we do start promptly at 9:00 am

The following are required to participate:

  • Signed Merit Badge Card

  • Proof of BSA Medical Exam (less than one year old)

  • Printed copy of the Boy Scout Personal Fitness worksheet to fill out

  • Read the Boy Scout Personal Fitness pamplet prior to arrival

  • Refunds are not issued but date changes are permitted 2 weeks or more in advance, and if there are openings.

Boy Scout Personal Fitness workshop
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Boy Scout Personal Fitness Re-Assessment

Fridays 4pm-5:30pm

The re-assessment is required to complete the badge and can be  scheduled no less than 12 weeks after the initial assessment.  We offer re-assessments to Scouts that have completed the workshop with us.  However, Scouts that completed the workshop with us are not required to re-assess with us.  *Dress for inside and outside, wear tennis shoes, and bring a water bottle.

  • Come prepared with sections 1, 8 and 9 of the workbook completed

  • Complete the 1-mile run, sit & reach, and 60-second push-up test

  • Demonstrate an understanding of personal fitness & show physical improvements on the assessment

  • Regardless of what the boys hand writing looks like, we highly encourage parents to resist the urge to write for them.


Boy Scout reassessment
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