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STEM Field Trip

Explore Newton's Laws using hands-on, over-size manipulatives!  Learn Physics concepts by getting physical!  Engage in fun activities to understand how STEM translates to everyday life. Ideal for Schools, Scouts and Camp field trips.  


  • 5 standards and curriculum based activities that demonstrate how Newton's Laws relate to games (aligns with 4th & 5th grade Missouri Learning Standards for Physics/Force in Motion unit, but can be used for grades 4-12 general field trips).

  • A comprehensive lesson plan for the teacher (if it's a school event).

  • A worksheet for the students during the event.

  • An in-class review/assessment for after the event.

  • Students will play human foosball & other life-size games to answer worksheet questions (referee/facilitator provided).


  • $149 / 1-hr / 8-12 students / $8 ea. additional / up to 18

  • $259 / 2-hrs / 8-18 students / $10 ea. additional / up to 36


Contact Sherri at (314)-882-6191 or   

Please be sure to read the FAQs for refund policy and other details prior to booking.